금액을 보호해 줄 것이다”고 덧붙였다.

The US government decided not to bail out Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to save it, but said all deposits will be ‘fully protected’. The US Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation released a joint statement on the 12th (local time) saying, “Today we are taking decisive action to protect our banking system and safeguard the US economy by reinforcing the public’s trust in our banking system.” “This action will ensure that the US financial system can continue to provide access to deposits, credit to households and businesses.” The statement added that “starting Monday (13th), depositors will have access to all of their money”. US media, such as The Washington Post, reported that this statement meant that deposits over the current deposit guarantee limit of 250,000 dollars would be guaranteed. The Federal Reserve also announced separately that it is establishing a new lending facility for banks across the country to deal with the financial crisis caused by the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which manages Silicon Valley Bank, previously said that market access would be available to customers’ “guaranteed deposits” starting Monday (13th). However, 96% of these deposits exceeded the guarantee limit of $250,000, so most of the bank’s customers were expected to be locked in significant amounts. However, the US government also decided to protect all of their deposits, so that their main customers, the Silicon Valley companies, would not be unable to pay wages to their employees or put their business in jeopardy. In addition, the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which manages the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank, reported to the Wall Street Journal that it is conducting an auction to find potential acquirer of the bank. The auction, which ended at 2 pm (Eastern US time) on the 12th, may be extended, according to officials. The reason for the government’s decision to quickly sell the bank was a decision not to provide bailout funds for the bank, which occurred during the 2008 financial crisis. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on the same day on CBS’s Face the Nation that “There were investors who were bailed out during the financial crisis and large bank owners, and current reforms mean that we won’t do that again.” But she added, “We are concerned about the depositors and will protect their money.”

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